Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mom's Sacrifice = Children's Entertainment

I thought I would share with you a funny story about one of the everyday sacrifices of being a mother. A few years ago my husband (Bob) my daughter(Sammy) and I decided to go the Bird Aviary to let my daughter see the birds. My daughter loves birds.
A little known fact about ME that I have yet to mention is my extreme dislike for birds. All birds. Not just the big ugly ones but the little annoying ones as well and every kind in between. But not wanting to push my phobias and problems onto my child I agree and we went. After we arrived the 3 of us are slowly walking around looking at the birds as I silently gag from the stench and a man walks over to us and asks if we want to feed the birds. My family eagerly answers with a "sure!"  and off we go. So we sit in this hot, damp, room with all of these dirty birds flying over our heads and all I could think about was the strong likeliness of one pooping on Sammy, Bob, or my self. I know its good luck in some cultures but... Gross!
Anyways, a man stands in front of my family and a group other people with their kids and begins telling us all about the different breeds and what they eat. Then he asks if anyone wants to help feed them. Low and behold who's hand pops up first but my 3 year old daughters. So he says "Okay", and puts a big, fat sardine in her hand and before I know it, an ugly bird swoops down and takes it from Sammy's tiny hand. I squirmed and cringed but, to be a good Mom, smiled and clapped the minute she looked at me. Before long she was feeding all kinds of birds but it wasn't only fish that she was feeding them. He gave her worms, bird seed, and maggots. It took allot of energy to keep myself from running from the room but I kept a good face the entire time and soon we were done and she was washing her hands. When we got home I was extremely proud of my little one and disgusted buy the entire experience.
Everyone always told me that being a Mom means sacrifice and doing things you may not always want to do, but that day I was really put to the test.