Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Through Hard Times.

It is no secret that times are hard. Weather you are considerd white colar or blue colar, everyone is effected in one way or another. With gass, and grocerys prices continuing to increase everyone is feeling the pinch. This is a sad reality of times but I personally find one thing conforting. We are not alone. In a strange way I find this slightly reasuring. We are not alone, we can talk to others and they will understand and not judge. Another thing that people need to remember is to stay positive. This can be the most difficult of all. It is easy to see the many bad things that are happening but people need to focus on the most important things... the positve.
Be optimistic!! Try to see the bright side of your situation. Granted, anyone who is reading this may be saying to themselves, "easier said than done", but doing this act can be one of the most important things you do in your life. This is point in your life that people really need to put energy into being optamist and try to stay away from pesamistic points of view. You may have money troubles but do you have your health. What about your family, are they healthy, smart, supportive, alive? Look at these aspects of your life and put more focus on them. Some examples of inexpencive or free things to do with the people that mean the most are; Have an outdoor picnic with your family, a potluck with the neighbors,pull out a movie from your collection you haven't watched in a while and watch it again with your friends, take your dog on a long walk and see the new things in your naborhood.
You can even do some crafts with your kids from recycled stuff around the house.  All of these things are wonderful focus on when finshial times get tough. I'm not saying only look at the positve and ignore your problems because if you do that, your troubles will never go away. I'm simply saying to try to put things into perspective and don't let the negative aspects of your life blind you from the positive.

Here are 2 quotes that help me put things into perspective during hard times.

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else;
and for everything you gain you loose something else.
It is about your outlook on life, you can either regret or rejoice.
~Author Unknown~

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
But Today is a Gift
That is why it is known as
The Present 
~Auther Unknown~