Monday, November 15, 2010

Helpful Tips for Potty Training a Girl.

Most people with a child in diapers looks forward to the day when they hear "I went in the potty". Sometimes this process can be a bit of a headache but I know that when I was potty training my daughter, I looked to anyone for help and/ or advice. For anyone who is interested in advice how to successfully potty train their little girl here you go...
1. Potty training should start around the age of 2. Some may start sooner, some may start latter, but approximately age 2.
2. Don't start the process if you (the parent) are not ready. Your child will respond to you.
3. Once you start the process of potty training keep moving forward, never back. Regression can cause more problems than you want.
4. First keep track of her bladder schedule. Know when you change diapers. Ex, first thing in the morning, before lunch, after nap, after dinner, before bed-time.
5. Once you have her bladder schedule known, you know when you should put her on the potty for 5min time periods.
6. Purchase regular underwear for home and pull ups for bedtime and when out in public.
7. Let her choose her underwear and pull-ups, this will give her encouragement to be able to wear something she likes.
8. When she is out of diapers don't put them back on her. She needs to be able to feel wet. Diapers tend to pull moisture away and let her feel dry when she is not.
9. You may be doing more laundry than usual during this process but think of the money you will save on diapers.
10. If your little one does not have 24/7 access to the bathroom, purchase a mobile potty and put it in the same room she spends most of her time.
11. Reinforce positive behavior. Make a BIG deal when she successfully goes in the potty.
12. Put little to no emphasis on the negative or any accidents.
13. If you are comfortable, let her fallow Mommy into the bathroom to show her how the "big girls" do it.
14. Keep your cool. This can become frustrating but stay positive. Its a very big step for both you and
your little one.
This is the process I used to potty train my daughter and from diapers to underwear was only a 1 month process.
Every child is different and never compare your child's potty training progress to anyone else. I hope my advice helps out and enjoy the end result.

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