Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toxic Plastic! Are Your Kids Drinking from Toxic Sippy Cups or Bottles?

Last year there was an article on the local news station that discussed briefly that the plastic cups, bottles, containers, and sippy cups could be potentially toxic. The news briefly discussed some brand names of sippy cups that had been recalled and went on in a matter of 30 seconds. I found this to be alarming and a little misinforming. Since then, I wonder if the things I have in my home are safe or not, and I how could I tell.
Well, the other day I was watching a show called The Doctors. On this show, there are 4 doctors that host the show a gynecologist, plastic surgeon, pediatrician, and ER doctor. These 4 doctors and sometimes special guests, answer many question that people write in and ask but are too afraid to ask there own doctors and maybe can't ever get a straight answer. The other day, the doctors were asked a question about toxic or poisonous plastic containers including sippy cups and bottles. The pediatrician on the show said that on the bottom of all plastic container in your home, like sippy cups and tupper ware, there should be a triangle and in the middle of the triangle will be a number. If the number is a 1, 2, 4, or 5 than it is safe. If it is another number it may not be and throw the item away. This really helped.
The Doctors is shown at 11:00am US eastern time and has become very helpful. You can also find it on line and ask your own embarrassing and not so embarrassing questions to them at

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