Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Minimize Your Child's Nagging for the Holidays!

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you have kids you are probably experiencing more nagging than normal. You may have also found that there are many more advertisement on T.V mostly geared towards children. Let's just put two and two together...
T.V with more advertisements + children = nagging kids
Okay. I'm not one of those mothers that lets their child sit in front of of T.V all day. However, I find nothing wrong with appropriate children program's and I have always monitored their shows and the contents there of. But I realized that not only do I need to monitor their TV shows but also the entire station and channel it is on. Some channels that have perfectly fine T.V shows for children, also bombard the kids with bright, flashy, and enticing commercials for products. Most of which are either fad toys that easily break after one use or are foods that are so highly processed that I wouldn't allow my children to ingest. But because of the flashy advertisements and the poppy music with the child actors shouting,"cool!" and "awesome!" I have to hear from my child for the rest of the day and every time we enter a store, "I want that", "I want this", and "I saw that on TV". Well this gets old fast.
I realized that I have to monitor the T.V channel and not just the show. I found that there are some channels that show almost no advertisements for products, such as the Disney channel or PBS. Another wonderful thing I have encountered was On Demand. It helps me to pick out their favorite shows, allow them watch, and never worry about flashy advertisements or poor content.
Doing this act has not only minimized my child's greed and need for everything colorful, it has also lessened (not eliminated) the amount of nagging I hear while at home and at the store. It may seem small but most mothers know if you can do something to avoid any level of nagging it's probably worth it.

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